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Welcome to the Salamander Golf Society (SGS)

Our goal through this site is twofold : Strengthen our community and Streamline our registration process

So if this is your first time here you need first to register as a Member 

Only Members have the possibility to register (online) to events (including very soon secured online payment), open photo albums, get access to restricted information (blog, events reports, etc...), participate to the exclusive SGS private forum where you can create subjects, answer questions from other members, upload your own pictures, and have access to other Members. 

Member Registration form 

You have three membership levels available :  

- Temporary member

- Lifetime member

- Wharton member for our friends from Wharton

Temporary member level is free, but limited to your first event, then you need to become Lifetime member or pay an extra fee for each event.

If you have already paid your lifetime membership register directly as Lifetime member. 

If you want to become lifetime member, register as lifetime member, then send us your payment. Until we receive your payment you will be set as temporary member.

Once your registration has been approved by the SGS Committee (we check that you are an INSEAD alumni with the INSEAD bureau) you will receive a notification by email. 

From there you will be able to connect using your ID / password in the ID box. If you forget your password you will be able to get a new one using the "forgot password" link.

Don't forget to update your profile regularly in the  "View Profile". Add a picture.

If you want to attend an event with your partner, he or she will be registered as "guest Member".

All the information within this site is secured and protected from internet search engines.


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