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Salamander Cup & Students' Match, Fontainebleau & Cely, 19 & 20 May, 2017

26 May 2017 10:16 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Salamander Cup Fontainebleau, 19/05/ 17

This 36th edition of the Salamander Cup presented itself this year very much under the auspices of climate change. Perhaps because the hard won COP 21 agreement is being questioned on the other side of the Atlantic, there were no Americans present, but a charming diversity of 12 nationalities, nevertheless. The day started, and finished, in brilliant sunshine, but in between we were treated to a full range of climatic variations. The apogee was reached when the green of the signature hole no 12 was covered in a thick layer of hailstones, necessitating fumbles in bags to find coloured balls to contrast with the ambient white.

Notwithstanding this transient adversity, play continued apace, bringing into sharp focus the full splendour of the course, with the statuesque Charles IX oak frowning down on muffed shots. Luckily, Enrico Arietti distributed extra balls to everyone before the start (you must come back again, Enrico). Back in the Clubhouse, we discovered we were not the only ones to appreciate the charm of this centennial location, as Insead had decided to invade our traditional reserved domain with national alumni presidents starting out on the Alumuni weekend.  It allowed however some chance encounters, such as Peter Schuh, who, remembering his previous participation, will hopefully encourage a greater Germanic attendance in future, and just as hopefully a greater coverage of our activities by the Alumni Communications machine.

The resulting din of the combined throng made difficult hearing for the proclamations of the winners. It is therefore worth repeating that the new holder of the Salamander Cup is Frédéric Timbert from an Exec programme, also a member, thus enabling our noble and otherwise energetic Baudouin the use of a caddie car. He scored a record 40 stableford points on his maiden appearance, followed at a distance by MG Gurbaxani and Jimmy He, both 2012, which facilitated the attribution of the Promotions Cup. Emmanuelle Peltre left a reduced ladies’ field standing with a more than creditable 36 – given the conditions – and James Andrews was forced to share the gross prize with Francois Gay-Bellie, another newcomer, on 18 gross points. Had we forseen a chance encounter prize, the latter would have shared it with Laurent Giacometti, both members at Zürich Golf Club, and unaware of the other’s presence. Benjamin Revillon and Patrick Poggia reinstalled France as the leading nation with a total of 67 points.

Our thanks to camarades Olivier de La Giraudière for the always appreciated Lanson, Françoise & Bernard Montenay for the Chanel, and Michaël of the Restaurant for ensuring the encroachment did not affect the quality of the excellent supper.

Students’ Match

An experimental timing for the Students’ match on the Saturday saw us and the occasional student foregathering in Cely at midday for a shotgun start, supposedly at half past, but which the Club had advanced to quarter past. The briefing was therefore a paragon of brevity and concision, and somehow all 24 players finding their way to the right tee on a JIT basis, having picked up their picnic for on course munching. In contrast to Friday, the sun shone on the righteous or is that the right expression for students still able to play to low single figure handicaps, despite the heavy load of Insead case histories?

However, one should not insist perhaps, as due to a comedy of errors in the constitution of the Alumni team, we were one short, the slot being duly filled by a super-numerary student. It was therefore poetic justice that the students carried the day for only the second time in history, led by their inspirational A ustralo-Thai lady captain Panita. Matches were hard fought, however, with half of them decided only on the final green. Panita accepted the new trophy, kindly donated by the NGF organisation, with great grace –she and her team mates will be welcome to join our other events in due course.

Net stableford scores

First name Last name H'cap Promo  Nationality Net
Frédéric Timbert 24,2 2006 FR 40
Emmanuelle Peltre 27,2 1985J FR 36
Mrinal Gurbaxani 22 2012 IN 35
Jimmy He 22 2012 CH 35
Tim Morris 18,2 2005 GB 34
Benjamin Revillon 28 2004 FR 34
Patrick Poggia 25 1990 FR 33
Frédéric Guyomard 24 1991 FR 31
Ian Edwards 26 2001 GB 30
Madelaine Giacometti 19

Enrico Arietti 22,6 2012 IT 29
Hervé Allaire 14,6 1990 FR 27
Laurent Giacometti 17,1 1973 SW 27
Peter Skelton 22,9 1973 GB 27
Luigi Mencarelli 28 1978 IT 25
James Stewart 14 1977 GB 24
James Andrews 7 2012 GB 23
Giorgio Gristina 16 2007 SP 23
Francois Gay-Bellile 7,5 2000 FR 23
Jean Cailliau 14 1988 FR 23
Jonathan Taylor 20 2006 GB 22
Baudouin Contzen 24,3 1989 BE 21
Scott Griffiths 28 2012 GB 19
Bernard Montenay 24 1969 FR 18
Grégoire Giraco 24 1979 LI 17
Gunther Mauerhofer 17 1963 AU 16
Jean-François Labbé 17 1977 FR 14
Sheila Poggia 30

Daniele Stenico 28 2012 IT 1


Closest to the Pin

Jean Cailliau

Longest Drive Ladies

Emmanuelle Peltre

Longest Drive Men

Ian Edwards

Coupe des Promotions

2012 MG Gurbaxani and Jimmy He

Coupe des Nations

Benjamin Revillon and Patrick Poggia

Anciens vs Students Cely 20/05/17 Four ball better ball - Matchplay

  Anciens   H'cap H'cap   Students Result
James Stewart 1977 14 3 Marcel  Boezaart Lost 3&2
        5 Colin Haeusler  
Gilles Bouché   16 7 Mark Pomroy Square
Gunther Mauerhofer 1963 17 14 Simon Kriechbaum  
Laurent Giacometti 1973 17,1 14 Alisha Varde Won 2 up
François de Bernis 1996 17,5 14 Phil Kwong  
Madelaine Giacometti   19 18 Michael Janov Lost 1 up
Peter Skelton 1973 23 18 Scott Berdahl  
Baudouin Contzen 1989 24,3 20 Ryan Africa Lost 6&5
Jean-Luc Le Garrec 1978 28 23 Jean-Jacques Lafon  
HO-IL BAE AMP13 35 25 Artur Sienczewski Lost 2&1
Luigi MENCARELLI 1978 36 28 Panita Vongkusolkit  


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