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  • 25 Oct 2015 5:34 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    39th Channel Cup Medoc 8-11 October, 2015

    In contrast to the storm clouds of Ireland, it was a warm Indian summer that greeted the Salamander golfers gathered for the 39th edition of the Channel Cup at the Medoc Golf Resort. The first action was to leave the resort for the local hostelry whose Scottish salmon tartare, stuffed guinea fowl, and apple tart & sauternes restored the undernourished.

    The timetable allowed for a leisurely start on Friday morning, at noon on the lush Lacanau course. Despite the ubiquitous oak and pine trees, and the cunningly disguised stretches of water (each claiming one of my precious balls) creditable scores were recorded. Perhaps the clear blue skies, squirrels scuttling everywhere, warbling birds, and roe deer occasionally skipping across the fairway with their young helped. Once the results were calculated on the clubhouse terrace over cold beer, it was discovered that Tim Noble had returned over 40 points, and the Anglo-Saxons were monopolising the leader board – an ominous portent?

    The Continentals therefore spent much of the equally delicious dinner reformulating and refining their pairings for the morrow, recruiting the star lady Norma to replace the absent Dina, thwarted by mystery bug on what was to have been her maiden appearance.

    The morning mist of Saturday lifted to reveal the two ladies groups magnanimously teeing off at 9 am sharp to allow Ken to jet in from California, with Elisabeth maintaining the Noble tradition of 40 pts. And then at last the first two of the 16 pairs forming the teams finally struck their balls down the first fairway (or into the first rough), and the first Channel Cup decided by match play was underway. The course appeared deceptively wide and welcoming after the straights of Lacanau, deceptively so because a variety of ground foliage and animal holes lay in wait for wayward shots. As Apollo ascended, those who had invested in a new Salamander golf shirt were rewarded with the cool feel, while those who had not perspired profusely. As the matches progressed so did the tension, with half of the matches being decided only on the last hole!

    Luckily the spa & bar were at hand for post-match relaxation. The Lillet cocktail and the Sémillion vieilles vignes (see presented by the vigneron in person, Loïc de Roquefeuil, also helped (. When the results came to be announced, the first three matches resulted in a Continental victories – but then the next four were Anglo-Saxon wins, Chris Skelton scoring a record gross of 3 under on the way out. A recount was therefore effected for the final match, with a possible draw in the balance, but the Continental team of Freddy & Greg were adjudged to have succumbed by the narrowest of margins – to veteran Richard and rookie Peter Felix.

    Matters were adjourned late into the night, after a marathon post prandial claret tasting munificently led by the Laird McAlpine. Notwithstanding,  or perhaps theretofore, all were present for the 9am briefing, and prior to the 9h30 shotgun, all had dutifully dispersed the furthermost corners of the Chateau course (voted the best in France in 2014), with clubs poised on the allotted tee, awaiting the promised shotgun. The problem - it seemed more like the trenches in WW1, with hunters letting fly their salvoes in the surrounding woods, so distinguishing which was meant for us was difficult. Which doubtless explains why, despite the simultaneous start, the returns to the clubhouse for lunch were far from being synchronised.

    Once the round did get started, we discovered why - less innocuous than les Vignes, with multiple hazards, and greens that invariably deflected the ball from the hole at the last centimetre (and nothing to do with the level of claret consumption). Scoring therefore was difficult, all the more so when the gods, weeping over this performance, mediocre when compared to the previous day, meant that we were reminded how lucky we had been to remain dry until the final minutes. The shower did not prevent Chris returning a net of two under, despite finishing with only Olivier left in his team.

    We raised our glasses to absent friends, in particular Baudouin, fighting health issues, and Jacqueline & Philippe, and Ruedi, who we thank for the Saturday cocktail, as well as to the generosity of our sponsors, Henry Engelhardt, Olivier de La Giraudière, Reinhold Geiger, and Patrick Poggia who raised our cultural level with the classical cd’s from

    Pairings and Stableford points per pair          Matchplay Result

  • 07 Jun 2015 5:49 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    34th  Salamander Cup, & Students’ Match,  Fri. & Sat. 22nd & 23rd May, 2015

    34th Salamander Cup, Fontainebleau

    The timing of the competition could not have been better – after a prolonged period of Parisian dull and chilly weather, the sun returned to shine on the 39 participants from 10 different nationalities who faced up to the formidable bunkers waiting to swallow up a weak drive on the first hole. The number might have been less, due to the enforced absence of our Président d’Honneur, but it was made up by last minute recruits from the 5 and 10 years after jollies, who rightly preferred the fairways to the amphitheatres.

    The course was as usual in immaculate condition, with the massive and magnificent oak trees planted under Louis XIV in 1640 beaming down benignly on duffed and well struck shots alike. Despite the clemency of the weather, and the generosity of the Fontainebleau ‘slope’, the course, with its carries over heather and gorse which seem to get longer with the passing of the years, proved less indulgent, and net scores ranged well below handicap levels. The fly-past of antique aircraft therefor provided some light relief from the travails down below.

    However, one shining exception – Mihir. Having ended up with the wooden spoon last year, he carried off the Salamander Cup this year, scoring 42 points, six ahead of his nearest pursuant, newcomer Christophe Guyomard, confirming the biblical precept that the last shall be first. Norma Demol was rewarded by ferrying the Ladies  Salamander Cup back from Geneva by winning the privilege of ….returning it to Geneva. Rich Robinson, our Southern hemisphere representative (along with Nestor Casado) returned a very creditable 22 gross points, and the Demols swept the board on the longest drive, with Norma & Jacques winning their respective categories. Despite a larger British presence, France retained the Nations Cup and the rampant 2010 romped off with the Coupe des Promotions, pipping 1989 and 1977, despite the latter amassing 5 players.

    Those remaining for the dinner in the clubhouse were rewarded with an excellent repast starting with lentils, smoked salmon, and a correctly poached egg washed down with a delicious Pouilly Fumé.

    Special thanks once again to camarades Reinold Geiger for the Occitane prizes, Olivier de La Giraudière for the Lanson, champagne.

    Students’ Match, Augerville La Rivière

    Following early morning mists and alarums of late arrivals for the 8.30 tee off, the Students match also benefitted from a sunny day, allowing for lunch on the Chaterau d’Augerville terrace. The students, spotted the day before practising at Fontainebleau, were not daunted by the waters of the Essonne, (now carrying a good number of my balls down to the sea),

    In contrast to Fontainebleau, the aerial display at Augerville was provided by a couple of gliders gracefully circling overhead during part of the round.

    The magnificence of the setting, which never ceases to impress, compensates for the third victory of a student team over the alums, even if the 4 to one defeat was the heaviest yet endured. However, it was close, four of the five head to head matches finishing on the last green, including that of Ian Edwards who struggled heroically alone against a pair of students. At least they will all be on our side next year.

    Thanks again to the generosity of Reinold Geiger for the Occitane prizes, as well as to Gille Bouché for his much appreciated books.

    Salamander Cup Results  


    Coupe des Promotions of the IAA  -             1. Promo 2010 75 pts (Mihir Jaramayan & Mark Dembitz)  

    2. 1989 54 pts (Ken Yoon & Quoc Tran Dinh)  3. 1977 52pts (James Stewart & Olivier de Beausacq)

    Coupe des Nations           -                              1. France 71 pts   (Frédéric Guyomard & Jean Cailliau)   2. GB 61 pts (Ian Edwards & Avi Das)    3. Belgium 55 pts (Patrick Ugeux & Jacques Demol)


    Ladies                   Net : Caroline Edwards     Gross : Norma Demol

    Men                       Net : Mihir Jayaraman                       Gross : Rich Robinson 

    Longest drive                     Norma Demol & Jacques Demol


  • 07 Apr 2015 4:46 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    To read the full report go to our private section for members only : 

    Peter's reports

  • 15 Dec 2014 3:55 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    34th Season  European   Programme 2015  

    Coupe du Printemps, Pals, Costa Brava Friday/Sunday March 27-29

    Accommodation :-   La Costa Golf & Beach Resort   

    Le Resort "La Costa" **** se situe au cœur de la Costa Brava, à quelques mètres de la plage de Pals, où vous pourrez profiter de quelques jours de repos (?). Il dispose en outre d’une Base Nautique pour la saison d’été où vous pourrez profiter de toute sorte de sports nautiques ou bien profiter du sable blanc de la plage.

    Friday March 27

    Tee Offs from 12h00 on the Golf d’Aro at Mas Nou, half way between Gerona airport & train station  

    The club, founded in 1870, enjoys a spectacular situation, and the course is rated among the top 100 in Europe.

    Dinner commencing around 20h in the La Costa Resort

    Saturday March 28

    Coupe du Printemps Formula :- Individual Stableford 

    Tee Offs from 10h00 at the Emporda course, a few minutes inland from the Resort  

    Set in natural surroundings, this will prove a delight  for golfers and accompagnatrices alike.

     Spouses’ programme on Saturday

    Depart hotel  9h30 – visit the historic centre of Pals, Dali Museum, et al.

    Prize giving and cocktail in hotel from 19h   Dinner commencing around 20h00h

    Sunday 29 March

    Tee Offs commencing 9h0 on the Pals course adjacent to the hotel, designed by F. Hawtree and opened in 1966. Formula:- Greensome, starts from the 1st & the 1Oth.

    13h00 Lunch in the Clubhouse & Farewells

    April Match against HEC to be decided

    Matchplay : Shotgun start at 8h45


    Friday May 22nd      Salamander Cup, Golf de Fontainebleau,

    12h00 – 13h30 Tee Off’s Individual Stableford.

    Lunch box provided, & remember to observe the dress code

    18h30 Lanson Champagne cocktail & 19h00 Prize Giving

    Salamander Cup : Best net score, Ladies and Men.

    Coupes des Nations et des Promotions – Best two cards by nationality and promotion

    Lanson Precision Trophy – Ladies and men closest to the pin a box of Lanson Extra Age champagne

    20h00  Dinner in Club House

    For accommodation see Chateau d’Augerville,  Ecu de France and  Hôtel La Clé d'Or in Barbizon

    Saturday May 23rd Participants Match, Augerville La Rivière

    8h30 Meet in front of Clubhouse  Match play in pairs, net strokeplay

    13h30 Prize giving & lunch on the terrace.

    9-11 October, Channel Cup Medoc, France

    Accommodation :-  the Medoc Golf Resort

    Friday  9th October Lacanau Golf Club Pairs Competition

    Start 12.00h Au cœur de la forêt domaniale, entre lac et océan, le parcours 18 trous de l’Ardilouse vous garantit calme et dépaysement. Construit sur sable en 1980 par John Harris, il propose une diversité architecturale unique qui séduira du débutant jusqu’au plus aguerri. Son environnement préservé et son climat privilégié vous permettent d’allier plaisir des yeux et plaisir du jeu en toute saison. See more at:

    20.00 pm Dinner in The Medoc Resort

    Saturday 10th October   Channel Cup,  Les Vignes

    Start 9.00

    Spouses’ programme on Saturday

    Depart hotel 9h30

    19.30 pm Prizes & Dinner

    Sunday11th October  – 9 am Greensome on the Chateaux Course  

    At the World Golf Awards ceremony on 15 November 2014 , an international jury of journalists and golf professionals elected the Châteaux Course (Golf du Médoc) best golf in France for the beauty and quality of the layout designed by the famous American architect Bill Coore , known perhaps as the best architect of modern golf 12h30 Lunch & Farewells

  • 05 Jul 2014 1:19 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    33rd Salamander Cup, Fontainebleau

    The weather forecasts were dire, with the pretournament chatter even envisioning an early return to the comfort of the clubhouse, repeating what I believe took place for the first edition in St. Cloud, full 33 years ago.

    However on the day the sun shone as the 33 participants teed off, and it obligingly continued to do so while much of the field completed their round, with only the less fortunate high handicappers, playing last, subjected to a short but rather sharp shower.

    The course was as usual in magnificent condition adorned with spring flowers ; it was the real winner, as no one managed to play their handicap, and many encountered diverse fortunes. Congratulations to Emmanuelle Peltre (85)  & Avi Das (03), new holders of the Ladies and Men Salamander Cups. James Andrews (12) is credited with 21 gross points on his first appearance, bettered only by Ken Yoon (889). Nestor Casado (01) coming all the way from Brazil walked off with the Lanson Extra Age for winning the closest to the pin, and with one of the final drives of the day Baudouin Contzen (89) outdistanced Chris Skelton (79).

    Ten nationalities were competing for the Nations Cup, retained by France (Benjamin Revillon (04) & Jean Cailliau (88) with the narrowest of margins in front of GB. The 10 Years After promo of 2004 (Nimo Obbohat & Benjamin Revillon again) won the Coupe des Promotions in front of 1979 & 1973. Those who stayed for dinner were rewarded with a delicious meal and solid wines served by the Fontainebleau restaurant.


    Special thanks once again to camarades Reinold Geiger for the Occitane prizes, Olivier de La Giraudière for the Lanson, and James Jeynes for the Nike Fuel Bands.

    Students’ Match, Augerville La Rivière

    Meteorological predictions for the Students Match were not much better; and luckily proved wider of the mark, the entire match being played in dry conditions, on another splendid course, which would have provided ample opportunities for bird watching (the other sorts of birdies proving rather scarce) had not the struggle been so intense. Both teams were twenty strong,( if one includes Sally Skelton masquerading as a student).

    There ensued a ding dong battle, the students under the able captainship of Maarten Rijs carrying the day for only the second time in the annals of the competition by 6 to 4, including two halved matches and others decided on the last green. The jubilations over lunch were intense, and carried on as the victorious students returned to campus to apparently a hero’s welcome – but ample compensation for all was provided by Mazorin’s generous gifts of its innovative Pre Meeting Face Freshener & Late Night Eye Wash products, which will also serve the diligent anciens, as well as Gille Bouché’s much appreciated books.

    Salamander Cup Results  


    Coupe des Promotions of the IAA  -             Promo 2004 61 pts 1979 52pts 1973 43 pts              

    Coupe des Nations           -                              France 65 pts GB 64 pts USA 59 pts Belgium 51 pts


    Ladies                   Net : Emmanuelle Peltre  Gross : Irina Tchoumatchenko

    Men                       Net: Avijt Das                      Gross : Ken Yoon 

    Longest drive                     Baudouin Contzen

    Closest to the pin              Nestor Casado

    Students Match Results

  • 30 Apr 2014 1:26 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    to read this post goto our private section :
    Peter's reports
  • 29 Oct 2013 5:36 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    to read this post goto our private section : 
  • 28 Jun 2013 2:30 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    get the full article at the following link : Peter's reports
  • 27 Apr 2013 1:08 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Hello, our camarade Baudoin Contzen has raised our attention to the fact that it's quite difficult to book a room on the 24th of may, on the eve of the match against students. 

    So it's urgent to do it asap !

    To let you know Baudoin after looking at has finally booked (with free cancellation until one day before) at the Best Western Apollonia in Saint Fargeau-Ponthierry for 59 EUR a single (double at 79 EUR).  

    Hope this is useful

    Looking forward to seeing all of you soon at Fonty. 

    Kind regards, 


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